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Steve Bradeley BSc (hons)

Welcome to my personal blog  CV

I’m looking for a new position. Can you help me?

Looking for a full time job in a recession is not easy and its important to use any form of advertising and self promotion as possible. I’ve seen people standing outside businesses holding placards, standing on the side of the road holding up banners. Visit my Facebook Page. Whatever the method used to promote yourself, employers should recognise ingenuity and reward them as potential quality assets to their businesses. Please read the details of my CV and contact me. My strategy apart from the usual scouring of newspaper, signing up to online agencies and footwork has been to promote myself as often as possible and take every opportunity to add my name or web-link to as many online sources as possible. This has meant writing articles on health and fitness and blogging them to friends and acquaintences. Writing, blogging and commenting on political issues and blogging on personal issues that effect me. Adding links and comments to articles and gaining followers is I believe of vital importance when trying to get your message across.

Personal Statement

I am a highly qualified and experienced individual with an excellent level of leadership, communication and man- management skills. I have developed these attributes over a number of years working for a large PLC organisation as a General Manager and as an English teacher. I am a likeable and confident person and find that personal relationship building comes easily, which I have found to be a key attribute in both managing staff and building client trust.

I am currently working as an English Teacher in Brasil. I gained an honours degree in Health & Sports Science in 1996 specialising in hypo-kinetic disease and have a number of other relevant qualifications including Exercise on Prescription, Health & Safety Management, Environmental Awareness and Energy Maintenance and Management and Teaching English Language Intermediate Level with the Callan Method. Although my background is Sports Science recently I have focused on teaching English to Portuguese speakers.

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